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Even though John Crawford III was only holding a BB gun he picked up—IN A STORE THAT SELLS BB GUNS. Even though it was an open carry state. Even though he was on the phone when police officers opened fire on him. Even though he was shot in the back. Even though the cops lied and were caught in a lie because of the subsequent video. A grand jury who, when added together, obviously didn’t have half a gnat’s brain, declined to indict the officers.  The message here?  It has been, is, and always will be open season on black people for as long as white supremacy is the philosophie du jour. 
(H/T Chad Goller-Sojourner)

Don’t even feel that surprised.
I am numb.
And that’s perhaps the worst part- that these kinds of injustices feel common and expected. Smh.

The FBI is involved now. Hopefully justice will be had this way.



Just call me. i hate texting 

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like when beyonce said “i woke up this way: flawless” she’s saying that flawless is not dependent on how she looks at a given moment; by dent of being alive, just by being authentic to herself, she’s flawless. 

not “i woke up with this hair laid and makeup did and decked out clothes”. which is how everyone else apparently interpreted it.

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